Advertise and support the INOXED project

Every detailed view of a handrail spot offers a block to show local stores, bars, skateparks etc. at the size of an approximately 690x150 pixels big banner.

As a store owner or service retailer you can request such an ad-space by filling out the form to the right and we will get in contact with you.

For skate and BMX shops
Let skaters, bladers or riders find your shop located next to a handrail spot

For apparel shops
If you own a street or casualwear store, make handrail rockers find it by connecting it to a handrail spot

For bars or restaurants
Show urban athletes where they can refresh their inner energy with one of your drinks or meals, next to a handrail spot

For associations
Get new members for your skateboard, rollerblade or BMX association.*

* As we recognize the importance of urban sports assocations, associations just pay 1 EURO per handrail spot instead of 5 EURO.
Do not forget to select the proper field at the form to this right.


This is the lifetime (!) price to pay per handrail spot where you want your banner to appear with a lifetime subscription, for ever.
For ever ever? For ever EVER!


Submitting this form is just a first step and an unbound quote request. You won't have to pay anything until we receive your order in a reply to our proposal.
If you have any questions, call or WhatsApp to 0034 626 98 2112
Except Spain, prices for all countries are tax-free (Spanish requests +7% IGIC).