Submit an actionshot

If you rocked a handrail or photographed someone that rocked a handrail, use the form to the right to add that photo to the INOXED website.

Attention please!
The handrail number can be found at each handrail's detail view.

Filling out this form presumes that the handrail yet can be found within our handrails collection. That's why the "Handrail ID (number)" is obligatory.

If the handrail does not exist yet, please use the form on this link to submit form to first uploade the handrail and its position. Then come back to this form and add the actionshot to the handrail photo.

Do not hesitate to get in contact via our email if you need support.
Thanks in advance for your time and support!

Entrada piscina municipal san fernando
Maspalomas in Spain