Submit a handrail

You properly got this deep into the INOXED site because we asked you to do so. Most times it is that we found a handrail photo on flickr and would love to add it to our database of handrail spots.

So if you wold like to become part of this project, please fill out all fields as good as possible (specially the map position one). Though it is totally optional, do not forget to provide your e-mail address so that we can contact you in case that there is something missing or that we can inform you back as soon as the handrail has been added to the website.

Thanks in advance for your time and support!

Handrail data

Below this text you will see a Google map where we ask you to drop the pin as close as possible to the place where the handrail can be found. Simply follow these steps:

Enter the name of the city (if possible together with a close street) into the input field to zoom the map. Zoom into the map (with your mousewheel or the plus sign on the map). Click and hold the red pin that you can find on the center of the map. Drag and drop the pin onto the place where the handrail can be found.

(Optional, handrail rocker data